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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  February 26, 2024 3:00am-4:00am PST

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class. >> does he need to do more. >> i think is he doing everything he needs to do. my humble perspective, not only the last three years have been extraordinary. everybody out with him as you know on the campaign trail. i was just out in california. i have seen him upclose and from afar. here's my point. it's because of his age that he has been so successful. >> todd: 20 second response to that and what is newsom's play with an answer like that? >> carley: kiss the ring. >> if i hear one more time kristin walker is not partisan or biased i will run in traffic. biden newsom the biden presidency master class shaking her head in complete agreement no. challenge whatsoever. gavin newsom obviously is saying all the right things here in case he is called upon to come out of the bullpen and be the rivera of the democratic party. >> carley: i think that's what is going on. joe, it seems like you agree. "fox & friends" starts right now. have great day, everybody it's
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"fox & friends" and brian is back. >> brian: yes. >> ainsley: how was your trip? >> brian: it was great on the other side of the world. i'm back. >> steve: meanwhile on this side of the world a fox news alert. ronna mcdaniel expected to step down a live report we know when and where. >> ainsley: that's interesting. that just broke this morning. ice confirming the suspect in the murder of a nursing student is illegal immigrant with a criminal pass upon later for weight loss drugs creation nationwide shortage for millions of diabetes patients. dr. marc siegel joins us on this medical monday. >> lawrence: "fox & friends" starts right now. and, remember, mornings are better with friends. >> brian: yep. >> steve: fox news alert. reports coming in this morning that apparently rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel will be stepping down from her position. >> mcdaniel's shocking decision doesn't come as a
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complete surprise g.o.p. presidential hopefuls turn their focus to michigan hometown ahead of tomorrow's primaries. >> ainsley: madeleine rivera is in d.c. and joins us now. >> ronna mcdaniel calling it an honor and privilege to serve as rnc chairwoman for seven years. she says the rnc has historically undergone change once we have a nominee and it has always been my intention to honor that tradition. i remain committed to winning back the white house and electing republicans up and down the ballot in november. mcdaniel's position to step down march 8th reported by the "new york times" was expected. trump said he would urge chains at the rnc after the south carolina presidential primary. trump beat nikki haley by 20 points in home state saturday. haley is staying in the race for now setting her sights on 34eu67 began. haley said saturday's results are more proof of trump's weakness. >> i mean, you have to look at what we're seeing in michigan.
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but you have to look at what we saw in the first three early states. donald trump lost 40% of the vote in the first three states. you have to look at that and say he -- if he losing 40%, he can't win a general election. >> on the democratic side, there is a movement backed by michigan congresswoman rashida for progressives to vote uncommitted in the primary tomorrow. in protest to president biden's handling of the israel-hamas war. one of his most prominent backers in the state governor gretchen whitmer is going to bat for him. >> i want to make the case though it's important not to lose sight of the fact that any vote that's not cast for joe biden supports a second trump term. a second trump term would be devastating. this is, i think very high stakes moment. i'm encouraging people to cast affirmative vote for president biden. >> back to the shakeup of rnc, former president trump is endorsing the chairman of the
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north carolina g.o.p., michael whatley to take over the role. and is he backing his daughter-in-law, lara trump for rnc co-chair. >> you got it. thanks, guys. >> lawrence: i have been talking about ronna mcdaniel it looks like the straw that broke the camel's back the reporting done by jennifer van laura. apparently $3.1 million in private jet services since 2017. $1.3 million in limousine and chauffeur services. $17.1 million in donor mementos. all of this is fine typically if you are winning. because the rnc has not been winning, then they really start to look at these financial documents and from what i am hearing the former president was not too happy when the report came out e was loyal to her. he said it's time for her to go. >> steve: former president and a lot of the allies were trying to squeeze her out. she has faced intense pressure campaign. and we have talked in the past
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about how trump had repeatedly pressured ronna to cancel the primary debates because he wasn't going to be in them and reportedly the primaries themselves and she resisted. she said look, i don't have the authority to cancel the actual primaries because they are run by each and every state. >> ainsley: what does this mean though in the middle of this presidential election that the rnc chair is stepping down? >> steve: switching horses. >> ainsley: is it because democrats -- we have heard this time and time again democrats do a better job with early voting and ballot harvesting. and they want to see changes in the republican party before the election. but who will replace her? >> steve: they are still talking about election integrity at the rnc going forward is helpful to both parties. >> brian: most fascinating thing coming up in michigan to be hurt to be ousted right before michigan which is tomorrow. the most intriguing thing from that report is really what is going on with governor whitmer. first story in the "new york times" today.
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up to whitted member to save michigan for joe biden. because of his support for israel, which is wavering. because he is alienating himself palestinian, muslim as well as the arab community all at once. he won by 200,000 votes. now there is a huge push by bernie sanders' group and a member of the squad to write none of the above for the primary? this could be extremely embarrassing for a state he has to have. i wonder if this will effect israel and the desperate attempt to get back in his column and michigan primary. that is more intriguing than haley vs. trump. it's biden vs. nobody. >> ainsley: she is getting out after super tuesday. nikki haley says she is staying in until super tuesday. >> the koch brothers fund the americans for prosperity. they just decided to pull funding for presidential campaign of nikki haley. >> steve: right. what they are doing is saying they have looked at the last three elections where trump has been involved and republicans have lost. they are terrified that joe
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biden and the democrats will win the house and the senate. so they are putting their money into house and senate runs if they can't win the presidency, they want to make sure that they hold at least one branch of government. >> lawrence: rcp average president trump is up by 1 or 2 points. all the polls together is he beating joe biden. the argument of some of the people that challenged donald trump. that he couldn't win. right now looking at the polling right now, is he beating him. >> brian: nikki haley is hurt it's democrats. >> turned into adam kinzinger, liz cheney and chris christie. all great candidates and positives. awful they did was attack the president personally said he can't win. is he not the same guy. the democratic arguments. nnot me saying that gavin newsom says she is our best surrogate. i think governor haley who i think is a really good candidate too but different. she says donald trump lost 40% of the vote. i say no, no.
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you won it. like hillary clinton won a lot of the percentage of vote against barack obama. give yourself credit there listen, say i won 40% of the vote. it's not that donald trump lost it. the question is how many of those people can donald trump convert when it becomes -- when he becomes the only candidate. >> ainsley: when south carolina we heard ha lot of people say we are voting for nikki haley if she doesn't win we are going to vote for trump. we are republicans through and through. >> steve: i read this morning i think it was cnn did an exit poll, and they found that nine out of 10 of the people who voted in south carolina voted to support donald trump. you know, of his voters 9 out of 10 to support it. however, of the nikki haley voters, four out of 10 voted for her to stop him. so, there's a real -- the real worry about with you know, the establishment republicans is the fact that there could be a gigantic number of republicans who simply do not vote. >> brian: steve, that's great point. i just go back, i think donald trump won south carolina by 10 last time.
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and he had a much harder race. he had four or five people going against him with little marco and lying ted. if you are support, these guys there is no way being. >> if you support those guys you will never support trump in the general. that wasn't the issue this time with the general. we are forgetting how bruising and personal it is during the primary. typically people unite. >> steve: don't forget that particular primary ran through may. you know, ted cruz did not get out until may. >> brian: never endorsed the president. >> ainsley: that's why this year is completely different. >> steve: it's screwy. >> ainsley: never seen anything like this bore where the people running against the top person is are getting out this early. we haven't seen that in a long time. talk about georgia. everyone concerned about that young lady killed jogging around the lake. this is a fox news alert. ice now confirming that the suspect accused of killing the nursing student, laken riley
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entered the country illegally from venezuela. >> steve: officials also revealing he, the migrant has a rap sheet just released in new york city just a couple of months ago. >> brian: he was here and got in trouble. todd piro joins us with details. >> todd: all seems so senseless and preventable. jose ibarra crossed into united states venezuela to el paso tension 2022 had been arrested at one point in new york city for child endangerment. the agency saying jose ibarra a 26-year-old citizen of venezuela arrested by u.s. customs and border protection on september 8th, 2022 after unlawfully entering the united states in el paso, texas. texas governor greg abbott says president biden just needs to enforce immigration laws, watch. >> the president is not using his executive authority to do any of those things that congress has already authorized. the president does not need new laws. the president needs a backbone to make sure -- he enforces the
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immigration laws that are already on the books. >> even ibarra's wife says he should face the consequences if is he responsible. as for that new york city arrest. he was charged with endangering the welfare of a child just this past august. but the nypd released him before ice could issue a detainer. he later fled to georgia where he lived just five minutes away from where riley's body was found. her former roommate spoke out about the murder. >> i never would have thought on such a busy campus something like this would have happened. i don't think anybody had expected it. i know that when i was on campus, and i was a freshman, i would also take long walks and i would run to our university gym all the time and i never really felt that would be a danger because, of course, university of georgia has their police always on campus and then there are so many students there. so you really thought that you would be in danger. >> laken riley's funeral set for this friday. a visitation will be held for her prior to that funeral.
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just a horrible story. guys, back to you. >> steve: it is terrible. todd, thank you very much. his wife apparently talked to thethe "new york post" and said that one of the reasons they got married. they have a 5-year-old. they got married to appear more sympathetic so when they applied for asylum that they would let them in. but then, when they got to the united states, and they split up, he went to georgia to be with his brother and, of course, that's where he saw that woman jogging and he reportedly murdered her. and here's the other thing. apparently, according to the "new york post." this guy, the suspect, delivered for door dash and uber eats. and how many times have we talked about the underground economy where these food service was say yeah, we vet everybody who does it. really? is it okay to have migrants delivering. >> ainsley: leave your food at your door, your locked door. >> lawrence: another strike against joe biden. totally avoidable if the president would have kept remain
3:13 am
in mexico in place enforcement as tom homan said if he was there, he would have been deported a long time ago. but the president came in day one with -- like a bowl in a china shop. wants to undo everything that donald trump did, brian. now there is blood on his hands because of this. and this is not going to be the last situation of this sadly. they are already punching cops. the venezuelan gangs are a big problem here in america. and ice has been warning the administration reverse different act of dhs has said you need to reverse some stuff. the president is sticking to his guns. >> brian: the president said in 2015, you know we got to build that wall, and because they are not sending us their best. this is an example of that and venezuela, by the way, remember, september of 2022, the president made an announcement. a new roll system. we are going to let more venezuelaens, home invasions and nicaraguans in. how is that going. venezuelans are everywhere. times square a shooting in new york city. very liberal mayor 21% approval rating because he can't handle.
3:14 am
this venezuelans are just about everywhere. do you know what they said? i'm not taking anybody back really? land a plane there military escort. we drop them right in caracas. they are yours. never should have sent them here. you are emptying your prisons. >> ainsley: linked to some crimes. maduro said you are not sends them back to us. in georgia nursing student that guy from venezuela. there's this violent venezuela gang here they're chargeable for the moped robberies and flipped off the camera. 15-year-old in times square. and was arrested for allegedly trying to shoot at cops instead shot a tourist in the leg. then in chicago, four illegals s from arrested last week for allegedly robbing and beating a man on a train. >> steve: brian, to your point how venezuela has made a business decision. okay, we're not taking anybody back. if you leave venezuela, you are on your own, we're not taking you back.
3:15 am
the do you know the other big country will not allow the united states to deport people in this country illegally back? china. so, china, which we now know is the number one migrants coming in around taiwan. they are saying no, not taking them back. >> here's the problem, steve, ainsley went through all the different headlines. not one of the states or cities sanctuary cities have reversed their po policies. even with all this going on the administration and cities are are not caving. he has brought these cities to their knees. we have talked about the wreck centers schools closed because of this. now we have death and nothing reversed. >> ainsley: they care more about the congressional districts and seats than they do about american citizens who are doing the right thing. they are trying to get all these democrats into democratic cities
3:16 am
to change the census and redistrict. >> brian: do you know what he they're not figuring, ainsley. they are not figuring the criminals. they just thought there would be people. they didn't think that they might be creating havoc in the streets. and just keep in mind, who in 2016, one of the first things did when elected said get rid of sanctuary cities immediately went to court and won. and trump is on the record. you remember the lawless president is going to get rid of democracy? when a court ruling came in he actually abided by it unlike this president when it came to student loans, the supreme court. okay you got your sanctuary cities. yeah, that's right. we have heart. we care. we are an immigration of immigrants bring me your huddled masses. yeah we got huddled masses. they are here to create havoc. >> this is a different type of immigration system. not ones done justly. that's as strict as ever. it's the one that break the laws, they are one getting at glide path. ains back firing on the democrats. if that was their plan originally. it's back firing.
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everywhere we go this is the number one issue. new york city police arresting a new photo of one of the suspects in connection with the massive brawl in times square near a migrant shelter where the teenager was stabbed. 8 more suspects on the loose. seven migrants suspected to have been involved in that attack have been indicted. developing in the caribbean, the family of a missing couple from virginia is urging the public to leave the search to experts. authorities say three fugitives ransacked the boat found evidence of violent attack on board off the shores of grenada. the three suspects were located near another caribbean island on wednesday. but there is still no sign of the couple. newly released police body cam video shows the moment police officers in arizona arrested a man wanted for the murder of a new york woman. the suspect is believed to have fled to arizona after a woman was found dead in new york soho
3:18 am
54 hotel earlier this month. prosecutors in arizona made it clear they will not extradite the suspect back to new york because of our state crime policy. soft on crime policies. to a fox news alert now. coming out of the middle east, the prime minister of the palestinian authority announcing he is resigning. our trey yingst reports that the move is set to pave the way for a new form of government in the west bank. that is not affiliated with a single political party. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will be joining us later this morning to react to that also happening today the fbi informant facing charges for lying about the biden family to -- to the agency will appear in court today. special counsel david weiss looking to detain alexander smirnov after the judge says that smirnov could be trying to flee the country. and on wednesday, hunter biden is set to be deposed before the house oversight committee on capitol hill just one week after his uncle james biden testified in front of the committee. thousands of at&t customers will
3:19 am
receive $5 from the company after a massive service outage last week. according to the company, the credit equals the average cost for a day of their mobile service. the customer prepaid business and cricket wireless customers do not qualify. at&t says the outage was caused by them using an incorrect process as they tried expanding their network. >> steve: that's it? >> ainsley: and those are your headlines. >> brian: what is a cricket? is that the kit. >> lawrence: they use the at&t network. >> steve: exactly. meanwhile. >> ainsley: a cricket is an insect. >> brian: why are you getting them involved? i have no idea about this cricket. i don't understand the game itself. >> steve: nbc meet the press, gavin newsom was there obviously he is one of joe biden's top surrogates. he rolled out the main wrap about joe biden is as we have heard about the special
3:20 am
prosecutor bad memory and too old. now gavin newsom yesterday rolled out amazing bit of spin. >> he said it's because of he has been so successful. >> 76% of voters say they have real concerns about president biden's ability to serve a second term. do you think it's responsible for democrats to put him at the top of the ticket given those concerns? >> responsible? i revere his record. i mean, what he has done in three years has been a master class. i have been out with him as you know on the campaign trail. i was just out in california. i have seen him up close and from afar. here's my point. it's because of his age that he has been so successful and because we have seen bipartisan accomplishments, because of his capacity of understanding. because of his leadership, so the opportunity to express that for four more years, what a gift it is for the american people and as a democrat a gift for me to make the case for the leader of our party, joe biden.
3:21 am
>> brian: he can't believe a word in which he says. >> lawrence: i know. >> brian: comes off as such an actor. i'm out there and advocate for joe biden. the fact that he is going to stop all crime in earthquake in. he has done a great job with the border, too he said. it's unbelievable. >> steve: master class. >> >> lawrence: is he in holiday. hollywood.he is waiting for cru. he doesn't want to get involved and shamed pushing the old man out. he wants to be the guy that waits. he was a loyal friend of the president. and then when is he done, he steps right in. >> steve: then it's his turn. this is joe's turn. >> ainsley: that's exactly right. >> brian: kristen welker just live him give five speeches and interrupted byron donalds. >> janice: it's going to come crashing down. we are into february. you know what happens like a see saw. february storm developing across the rockies.
3:22 am
it's going to bring the potential for not only snow and winter event. severe weather tomorrow ohio valley and midwest and heavy rain for the southeast. there's a look at the storm system as it moves across the ohio valley and the midwest and the potential for not only hail, damaging winds, and even blizzard conditions ahead of this. the warm is so air we are going to see the tuesday and wednesday here in the northeast. mainly a rain event. we are going to get snow in areas across the northern plains and great lakes and the interior northeast. look at the daytime highs. 95 in dallas. that will be a february record, obviously, for this area. there is the temperature change as the cold front moves through, boom, back to normalcy and winter. so, 24 hours, it's going to feel like springtime, even summertime. and then tomorrow, will be back to normal. lawrence? hi. >> lawrence: we'll take it j.d. >> janice: hi. good to see you.
3:23 am
>> lawrence: fight taking center stage regulate content by social media platforms as critics say it violates the first amendment. joining us now with more on her exclusive plan before the high court today florida attorney general ashley moody. attorney general, thanks so much for spending some time with us this morning. so, i'm interested in the case that you are going to make before the court. 11th circuit of appeals, three panel judge, the circuit judge kevin newsom was appointed by donald trump. and he said this was a first amendment case. where do you see this going with the high court today? >> yeah. well, think about this, lawrence. have you had social media platforms now become to large, i think the estimates are 302 million americans use social networking platforms. and these platforms, which have historically said come here. you have free speech. let's have open discourse and dialogue and share information.
3:24 am
they flipped the script now and they say well, they have the free speech rights to censor, deplatform, shadow ban americans, journalistic enterprises. deplatform candidates. this is not something that florida is just making up, right? we saw donald trump deplatformed. governor desantis did a round payable on covid. it was wiped off. we know that this president in office now was beneficiary of some deplatforming of journalistic enterprises that had information that might have been extraordinarily concern to voters so florida said this can't happen. we have to stop. this we passed legislation to do it. and not only have we been fought by the social media companies. i will point out that today in the supreme court, fighting. biden is on the side of the social media companies, of course because they have been a beneficiary of so much of this censorship and deplatforming.
3:25 am
>> lawrence: you are exactly right about that. we saw that in the past election where they suppressed stories about hunter biden and the laptop. because they knew it would hurt the current president. attorney general, thanks so much for joining the program. we will be following the case. >> sounds great. thanks, lawrence. >> lawrence: georgia is the demanding answers after the suspect charged with murdering a georgia college student is confirmed to be illegal i will grant. our next guest lost his child after he was killed by illegal immigrant. his message to our nation's leaders, that's next. ♪ jorge has always put the ones he loves first. but when it comes to caring for his teeth he's let his own maintenance take a back seat. well maybe it's time to shift gears on that. because aspen dental has the latest technology and equipment. with a staff that goes out of their way to provide exceptional care. plus free exams and x-rays for new patients without insurance and 20% off treatment plans. making it easier to get started with quality care. it's one more way aspen dental is in your corner. after last month's massive solar flare
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>> ainsley: georgia's governor brian kemp expressing his anger over the nation's border policies after illegal immigrant is charged with the murder of uga student laken riley. >> people like these two individuals came into the country and committed crimes. and nobody was notified of those. and why were they not sent back? why are we allowing people to come here that are not u.s. citizens and break our laws and then not send them back home? it's so frustrating. >> ainsley: our next guest understands that frustration firsthand. his son drew was killed by illegal immigrant in a motorcycle accident back in 2010. don rosenberg joins us now.
3:31 am
don, thank you for coming on. >> thanks for having me. >> ainsley: you are welcome. i'm sure this brings up so many memories. what's your reaction to what happened with this student in georgia killed by illegal immigrant? >> well, you know, i have been involved in this issue with an organization we formed called advocates for victims of illegal alien crime as soon as i heard about laken's murder and maybe it's just a sixth sense over 13 years. i knew -- and we caught anybody yet. i knew he was illegal. i don't know how but i just did. again this was mentioned earlier. it's clearly preventable. even the excuses they are giving, dhs has said we don't have any detention beds. we veto release them. out here in california we have a prisoner. it has 2,000 beds. 8 of them are occupied.
3:32 am
there are more than enough detention space to put this guy in. even though he shouldn't have been allowed into the country to begin with. so, none of this surprises me. i see it every day. and it's going to continue, no matter who is elected president. the democrats have created a situation that literally will last for decades and that's even if everybody cooperates to get these people out of the country. >> i think your son would have been 39 years old. so these open border policies took aa way a lot from your family. he probably would have been married and had children and you would have had grandchildren because he would be alive and healthy today. how did this effect your family? tell us your story? what happened to your son? my son was in law school at the time. he was coming home at night. illegal alien tried to make a last second lieutenant turn and they collided. if he had just stopped, i
3:33 am
wouldn't be here today. my son would have walked away with some cuts and bruises and that would have been the end of it. but, instead, he accelerated, drove over his body, got stuck, backed up, drove over him a second time and then going forward somebody jumped in front of his car and he stopped with his tire on my son's abbott. so, everyday is -- people will say time heals all wounds. i don't know who came up with that saying but it's just not true. in many respects it gets worse. things keep getting thrown up in your face. the irony is my son probably, of course never had the opportunity, but probably would have married an immigrant who was in -- you know out of the country at the time but if they were going to get married, it would happen. and you are right, you know, grandchildren yet, probably would have had two or three.
3:34 am
i know what he was trying to do with his life it never ends. i feel so horrible for laken's family. >> they will suffer with this until the day they go to their grave. >> ainsley: you are absolutely right. sent their daughter off to college and this is what happens. democrats watching this message. listen to his story. you know, these open border decisions effect people's lives. take things away from americans that are trying to do the right thing. thank you so much for coming on with us. god bless you. >> thank you so much. >> ainsley: you are welcome. hand it over to carley for more headlines. >> i certainly do. this just in. an ally of alexei navalny says the russian opposition leader was closed to being freed in a prisoner swap. he claims russian authorities murdered navalny. he was found dead in a russian prison, of course, earlier this month. police in louisiana are searching for a suspect that they say pepper sprayed a deputy and stole her car.
3:35 am
>> i really don't believe he has anything to lose. again, is he in for second degree murder life in prison at this point in time. i definitely consider him armed and dangerous by all means. as i said, i don't believe he has a firearm. my deputy had her firearm still on at this point. pepper spray he still has in his custody. >> police believe the suspect faked injury so he could be transported to a hospital where he made his escape did dunkin' t burned after threw copy of. the man had been given extra cup of coffee for free by the employee and the man became, quote: irate. officers claim he threw the cup of coffee at the police officer's face which caused her skin to blister. police are now searching for the suspect. there is a lot of unstable people out there, ainsley. how crazy is that. >> ainsley: for free and that's
3:36 am
how he repays her. >> somehow became angry and threw the cup in her face. she suffered serious injuries. >> ainsley: i hope she is okay. >> former fbi informant accused about lying about a biden family scheme due in court. next guest represents gary shapely who gave the shocking testimony about hunter. and he is next.
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>> we got a fox news alert four. out of the middle east. the prime minister of the palestinian authority has announced he is resigning. the news comes as israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu vows to invade rafah regardless of a potential cease-fire trey yingst is in tel aviv. good afternoon to you. >> trey: steve, good morning, a significant development today west bank where prime minister
3:42 am
submitted his resignation to mahmoud abbas. the move is set to lay a new path for technocratic in ramallah not affiliated with a single party. there's a link here to what is happening in gaza and plans for post war control of the strip and palestinian territories combings as fighting. killed around 30 militants last day alone in northern gaza area previously cleared by the idf. israeli forces are still operating in the south around the city hand unions more thana civil sheltering in this area and plans were submitted to the israeli cabinet over the weekend to move the civilians if the operation does take place. >> i have seen the reports on this. i haven't actually been briefed by the israeli government on these issues. i'm talking to my israeli counterparts later today to hear more because they have gone out in the press without coming to
3:43 am
us to talk through all of this. so, i will wait and see. i have some concerns and questions about what i have seen reported in the press, but, often, what is reported in the press doesn't reflect the totality of what going on. >> clearly the biden administration keeping a close eye on what is happening on the ground. we look forward to seeing your interview this morning with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who discuss the situation inside gaza. and also some new reports this morning that the israelis are striking territory deep inside lebanon 40 miles to the northeast of beirut. steve? >> steve: all right. thank you very much, trey. now let's go over to brian who is going to be interviewing netanyahu in about half an hour. >> brian: thanks, guys. meanwhile today the former fbi informant accused about lying bribery scheme bidens will appear before a federal judge in los angeles as they say the case against the first son has now been tainted. some say it's over. his legal team not mentioning anything about the damning testimony from former business
3:44 am
partner tony bobulinski who claims biden benefited from hunter business deals. tristan leavitt the attorney for the irs whistleblower gary shapley who testified against hunter this past summer. first off, how does this fbi agent, who seems to be tainted, who is labeled as a 14-year informant, highly compensated in the past affect what your client has spoken about and testified on? >> no way. so the irs whistleblower is gary shapley zeigler brought forward extremely significant evidence how the case against hunter biden had been slowed. how it had been delayed how appointees by president biden had impeded bringing charges in california and the district of colombia. but they also testified that they were never even told about smirnov's allegations were contained in the fd 1023 from the fbi none of what they testimony. we are see what he says today doesn't affect the case the
3:45 am
prosecutors in delaware have built about against hunter biden a lot of them end up in jail or missing. came out and said president biden's presence at that time a lot of these key events was noteworthy as well as i guess his push to be on the cefc board of china which was a -- which was one of those groups actually the program was the program to actually push chinese influence you're guys have pointed out hunter has received millions of dollars from china, ukraine, romania and presented evidence on biden's knowledge and possible involvement with these schemes. so there is a lot still to investigates absolutely the house of representatives has been going through and interviewing these witnesses and uncovered significant evidence of millions and millions of dollars being transferred to the biden family. a lot many people forget joe biden doesn't have to receive
3:46 am
money himself personally to have benefited from and to have been supportive of his son's business schemes around the world. he clearly, as multiple witnesses have testified, he clearly took steps to help hunter have influence with these people from around the world. they transferred money, knowing that hunter had influence with his father. and still, if you look back at ukraine in 2014, when hunter was on the burisma board. joe biden has acknowledged that he took very significant actions that benefited, without question, his son. who had lobbied for and pushed for ukraine to drop its investigations of burisma. >> brian: belt and road program that looks like these companies was supporting anti-american program to battle against american influence around the country. real quick, have your guys been penalized for stepping up? has their career been harmed? >> there has been some retaliation and it has impacted them but they are still at the irs. they are still doing their jobs. we are going to continue to fight for them and ensure not only are they able to tell their story but advance in their
3:47 am
careers at the irs. we do have a legal fund defend with a that we encourage beam to visit if they want to support these and other whistleblowers. >> steve: christian left thanks so much. appreciate it? >> thanks, brian. >> brian: noro virus. how to avoid the stomach bug. here is the doctor in the house in studio. ♪ got to keep your head up ♪ let your hair down ♪ i know it's hard ♪ know it's hard to remember! s ♪ ect their money with chase. woah, a lost card isn't keeping this thrill seeker down. lost her card, not the vibe. the soul searcher, is finding his identity, and helping to protect it. hey! oh yeah, the explorer! she's looking to dive deeper... all while chase looks out for her. because these friends have chase. alerts that help check. tools that help protect. one bank that puts you in control. chase. make more of what's yours. only unitedhealthcare medicare advantage plans
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>> steve: dread noro virus cases climb in the northeast especially here in the northeast. positivity rates sit at high 13% since late january. though that are s. lower than at this point last area. the disease also called the stomach flu or food poisoning spreads easily on hands and surfaces oar from contaminated food. here with what this means for you fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel. all right. it's going around and i heard one of the best things can you do is just wash your hands. >> that works, actually. although it gets in food. it gets in waste. people are touching each other's hands. food handlers spread it. it is spread indoors because everybody is indoors because of the winter.
3:53 am
i asked cdc director mandy cohen last night where testing wastewater to see how we're doing with it? she said no. it surprised me. we are starting to use wastewater analysis everywhere. i think that's probably a good idea. the biggest problem with it, steve, it makes people dehydrated. vomiting, diarrhea. elderly end up in the hospital. 100,000 of them a year in the hospital. it's the most common kind of stomach flu we have. this is the season for it. if you have these symptoms, it's noro virus. >> steve: you are supposed to hydrate. do you take ois it gator aid? >> sure. well, gatorade has sugar in it. but you take something with electrolytes in it so you don't get even more hydrated. gatorade. pedialyte, drink plenty of it. no vaccine, no pill for it. >> steve: all right. dr. siegel, i sent him a note that i got from a viewer by the name of paul. and he said that he, a drug he uses for diabetes, apparently, because there is a nationwide shortage. is he not going to get it for
3:54 am
two weeks or a month. tell -- and he apparently is on try his city. >> trulicity is the drug we are talking about. ozempic and wegovy noro. brian was asking me before this why don't they make more of this stuff? they are trying. but meanwhile diabetics don't have it robbed of ozempic people are hijacking weight loss. go over to older drug 2014, trulicity and they can't get that either. trulicity studied and found to decrease your risk of heart attack, stroke, sudden death are from heart disguise. it's a great drug. it doesn't control diabetes as well as ozempic and doesn't cause to you lose weight as well either. so the people that are scrounging around looking for weight loss drugs are not going to go trulicity. steve for people like paul and others who suddenly there is a shortage of their diabetes message what should they do? >> they have to look for
3:55 am
alternatives. other drugs like it that lower blood sugar. huge wake-up call. doing a public service this morning. that people that need to lose 1g this injected drug away from people who need it for their diabetes. if i know that it works for diabetes on a particular patient. i need that drug or one of its cufnts. cousins. we need more production but we need it for by dietz first. >> steve: all right. thank you very much. medical monday with the doctor. thank you, sir. >> great to see you, steve. >> steve: 5 minutes before the top of the hour. time for sports. >> do you need prescription to use a treadmill if we are out of that drug? have to look into it. nascar's race on sunday coming down to a wild 3-way photo finish. daniel schwarz just barely edged out ryan blaine any and kyle busch to take the cup series race. nascar heads to las vegas for next week in better health 400 catch that on sunday on fox. soccer los angeles galaxy
3:56 am
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